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There are several types of ginseng available in the world today. From Asia, to Korea to America, different climates and growing conditions have sprouted up several different species and growing methods that result in different effects on the body. While most forms have attributes that include increased energy and overall sense of well-being, Panax is often considered to be the most potent and popular form today, with the exception of the wild species which is usually rare and often endangered.

Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine
What separates Panax from other types is the "heating" property that it is said to have. By improving circulation within the human bloodstream, it is often though that Panax can actually help warm up people who suffer from cold extremities such as fingers and toes.

There are two main forms of Panax that are produced today. The White type has been dried and peeled. The Red type is usually unpeeled and is steamed, sun dried, or marinated in an herbal brew prior to drying. Both forms are available as liquid extracts, powder and tablets.

Another feature of Panax is that it is often regarded as a solution to help improve memory. Studies have repeatedly shown that users of this popular form of the energy boosting her were less likely to experience memory loss and overall fatigue when compared to those taking a placebo.

Panax is also considered to have several benefits to people who suffer from diabetes. People who take it regularly are often noted to experience improvement in the regulation of their blood sugar levels. While this is no cure for those who need to take insulin to regulate their blood sugar, patients who are experience the onset of diabetes type II may find the product beneficial in warding off a worse case scenario when combined with exercise and diet regulation.

Finally, several studies have been conduct on Panax and its relationship to erectile dysfunction. As much as 60 percent of men in recent control tests have reported lesser issues with erectile dysfunction when compared to those not taking the medicine. Unfortunately, the powers of Panax are not instant and this statement only holds truth if it is taken on a regular basis.