The Science Behind Ginseng

Behind Ginseng
Behind Ginseng

While ginseng may be considered a very natural element of the earth, and has existed for several thousand years, there has to be some sort of science behind it. In order to prove that ginseng actually has a beneficial effect on our bodies and our health, years of research have gone into what exactly gives ginseng the powers that it has today, which also leads to being able to make more potent versions of ginseng, regardless of if you’re dealing with American ginseng or Chinese ginseng. In order to look at the science behind ginseng, we need to examine each different type of ginseng.

Panax red ginseng, the most common type of Chinese ginseng available, is powered by active compounds known as Ginsenosides. These are generally found inside the fleshy portion, or roots of the plant. Even though this is the most potent portion of the plant, several manufacturers only use ginseng leaves, which are considered to be a counterfeit version of ginseng. Panax red ginseng is often considered to have best results when it’s used in combination of other traditional Chinese herbs, and studies have further shown that it can even have radioprotective effects.

American ginseng is very similar to Panax red ginseng, in that it contains gensenoside. However studies show that the simple change in the climate American ginseng is grown in gives it the cooling effect which has shown to have positive effects on diabetes and the regulation of blood sugar levels. A random test by the National Autonomous University of Mexico shows it to be a promising dietary supplement when used to increase overall well-being.

The science behind ginseng has often been considered one that’s hard to actually quantify or measure. With so many different types of ginseng, there is often no consistent result that has been created over several tests. There are several countries that continue to study the potential effects of ginseng, including the United States, South Korea and Japan. Most studies end up with varying results, in part because of the different crops that are actually used. For this reason the overall effect of ginseng can sometimes be unclear.

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