What Are the Different Types of Ginseng?

Types of Ginseng
Types of Ginseng

While ginseng has been used around the world for well over a thousand years, only in the last couple of decades has its herbal and sometimes medicinal value been hailed as being important to the human body. Known for its energy boosting elements, ginseng is one of the most popular supplements today, and its popularity continues to grow on a daily basis. There three types of ginseng that are generally used to today’s society. Chinese ginseng, Korean ginseng and American ginseng all make up the majority of this energy supplement sold today.

Chinese Ginseng

If you suffer from low energy, body parts that are always cold, or poor memory, you’ve got to consider the strongest ginseng available. Made of Panax red ginseng, Chinese ginseng is known to not only support energy, but revitalize your endocrine system, while providing important nutrients to your blood system, as well as improving your vision and hearing. Panax red ginseng is a potent vitamin, so if you have a heart condition, you may want to consider alternatives to Chinese ginseng.

Korean Ginseng

Similar to Chinese ginseng, Korea’s red ginseng powder is known to help restore both your energy and your stamina. It’s slightly less potent than Chinese ginseng, and doesn’t have quite the risk that Panax red ginseng does. It is also considered an effective solution to properly treating prolapse.

American Ginseng

Primarily grown in Wisconsin, American ginseng was discovered in the 1700’s, and can be found as a farmed element across the country. The primary focus of American ginseng is to provide energy and support your immune system. American ginseng is substantially less potent than Chinese or Korean ginseng, and should be considered safe for all ages and heart conditions. American ginseng is also popular as a method for cooling your body down. Whenever you consume too many spicy foods or lack sleep during the hot summer months, American ginseng can help cool your inner organs down a little bit, as well as overcome the irritability that usually comes along with this "overheating".

Regardless of what ginseng type you choose to take, consider the reasons for taking ginseng before making a decision.

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